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Infographics / Editorial Design / Web Design

Lisbon by Colors

Lisbon by Colors is a group project created with the intent of showing the
main touristic places in Lisbon. The concept was based on the book “What the Tourist should See”, by Fernando Pessoa, a famous Portuguese poet, written in 1927. We reunited the places described in the book that are still known as symbols of our city and created a list with them.

We started to deconstruct the items and search for the ideal image of each one of them. To do that, we collected the first fifty images that appear on Google and created an average image. For more information, we wanted to have true data that quantified the relevance of each place, using the number of Instagram publications for each one.

Then, for a more poetic approach, inspired by Irma Boom’s books, we decided to create colour based images that represented the main colors of each place.

Lisbon by Colors  consists of a website that includes all the information used in this project; a flyer with a graph that summarizes the data and a book with a more visual approach of the subject.

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