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Editorial Design | Graphic Design

Museum Magazine

This was a project developed during my time in Finland for a Commercial Publications course. We were asked to develop a customer magazine with commercial and editorial content, that would be attractive to the reader to

pick it up and to bring it home.

For this project, I started with a lot of research about magazines and other kinds
of editorial content that could contribute with inspiration. In particular, I looked at Finnish and Swedish magazines.

Museum in my Pocket is a magazine created by a fictional international organisation of museums that has the propose of publishing great art, from photography to street art, being a museum itself.

The publication would have a new theme in every issue. Therefore, it aims to the ones for whom art is an addition. We create a place where everyone can meet all kinds of art and find inspiration. Furthermore, it also contains a poster with information about the current expositions in Europe’s museums.

The magazine’s format is 10cm x 15 cm and it is presented wrapped with the poster and fixed with a yellow band. I chose to give an important role to the typography by playing around with very different typefaces.

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